Traditional Indian cuisine is rich and diverse in flavours, using distinct cooking methodologies and authentic utensils, originating from particular regions of India. ITC Sonar Bangla’ “Kitchens of India” is like a food journey through heritage, legends and history of India that will take you down the memory lane. Sheherwali cuisine was first of the series. Sheherwali cuisine - a vegetarian’s paradise, unique to Jains of Murshidabad is slowing becoming 'endangered'. Thus, to make this cuisine travel beyond the native’s kitchen to other parts of the country ITC Hotels approached Murshidabad Heritage Development Society to showcase a wide repertoire of vegetarian Sheherwali delicacies in their special dinner buffet menu.

ITC Sonar master chef Mayank Kulshreshtha says “In its endeavour to enable Indian cuisine its rightful place in the global culinary scape, ITC Hotels accords special emphasis on showcasing regional Indian cuisines while presenting global dining concepts, perfected on Indian soil.”

These promotions are a celebration of the indigenous and diverse flavours of region, in keeping with our commitment to sustainability and Responsible Luxury.

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