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Murshidabad was the seat of Nawabi power: it replaced Dhaka as the capital of the province of Bengal,which included present-day Orissa and Bihar, in 1704. It was also one of the first bastions to be conquered by the British when they looked East, as they recognised the immense potential and wealth of this region. A British historian once remarked that the wealth of the billionaire families residing within the one square kilometre of area covering the towns of Azimganj and Jiaganj was more than the wealth of the entire British aristocracy. Needless to say, the tangible and intangible legacy left behind is in shambles, and needs immediate attention to resuscitate Murshidabad’s lost place in history.The Murshidabad Heritage Development Society was founded in 2010, with the objective of restoring and reviving heritage in Azimganj and Jiaganj in particular, and Murshidabad in general. It was envisaged with the aim of preserving the past, integrating it with our present, and laying the foundations for future conservation efforts.

The Murshidabad Heritage Development Society was conceived and created by the Sheherwali community, born out of love for the heritage of Murshidabad, and supported by multiple stakeholders from the professional, governmental, non-governmental, creative, and spiritual domains. The broad objectives envisaged for this society are:

  • Preservation & Restoration of Indian heritage by focusing on Azimganj and Jiaganj in particular, and Murshidabad in general

  • Propogating amongst the youth, the universal values of non-violence, forgiveness, truthfulness,tolerance, and preservation of ecology, that are synonymous with Jain heritage

  • Lobbying for and assisting with the development of infrastructure in the action area

  • Promoting heritage and spiritual tourism

  • Mentoring resident families to protect and contribute to the legacy of the region

  • Organizing leadership-oriented, entrepreneurial & vocational training workshops in association with NGOs and other such likeminded organizations,

  • Fostering healthcare through Ayurvedic/nature cure centres,

  • Nurturing the gastronomic and sartorial legacy of the region.

  • Pradip Chopra – President

  • Sanjay Doogar – Vice President

  • Sandip Nowlakha – Secretary

  • Tushar Singhi – Treasurer

  • Sudip Dudhoria – Member

  • Sunil Churoria – Member

  • Pradip Boyed – Member

  • Goutam Dudhoria – Member

  • Rabin Manoth – Member

  • Rajib Churoria – Member

  • Sanjib Kothari – Member

Murshidabad Heritage Development Society
UNF 31 UNNAYAN, 1050/1 Survey Park,
Kolkata 700075, India
phone no.+913324189782
Email: mhdsociety@gmail.com